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Aya Hastwell, Ean Nicole, Ceyda Oskay, Judy Nakazato, Pragya Bhargava,
Sally Stenton , Sandy Layton, Sarah Praill, Svetlana Atlavina

We began making doors in a workshop run by Ceyda Oskay. It became a collective group endeavour, a symbolic and tangible drive to overcome isolation…. to escape. We sent the Doors to each other and we exhibited them in our own spaces. Then we were given the opportunity for a physical exhibition at Watford Museum. 


Aya Hastwell, Sally Stenton, Pragya Bhargava and Lalitha Bandaru

We walk in different places at the same time and stop to take photos in the same moment. The photos form Portals from one place to the other. The PORTAL walks have connected Kazakhstan, India, England, Bulgaria, Scotland, Turkey and the USA.



Sally Stenton and Svetlana Atlavina

The international online artist residency was facilitated by Svetlana Atlavina and Sally Stenton in November 2021 and brought together artists from Turkey, the UK, Kazakhstan, USA and India for 3 weeks of collective, creative activity.  Against the odds we managed to connect in a powerful way via the screen and generate a bond between us that has endured.

A Glass Envelope

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