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Aya Hastwell, Ean Konopnicki,  Ceyda Oskay, Judy Nakazato, Pragya Bhargava, Sally Stenton, Sandy Layton, Sarah Praill, Svetlana Atlavina

Exhibition and events by Experimental Space Collective [esc] at Watford Museum, Watford, United Kingdom. 

In our distanced spaces we connected via the screen and created full size doors from recycled cardboard packaging, paper, fabric and shadows.  The doors became symbols for our imaginary travel between places to greet one another. Handles were created from clay, suggesting the means by which we might open the doors. It became a collective group endeavour, a symbolic and tangible drive to overcome isolation…. to escape. 

The project was initiated by Ceyda Oskay in the form of an online explorative drawing workshop, and an invitation to make two sides of a door: an inside, and an outside. There was a strong impetus to connect with one another. We made physical doors in our homes and we stepped out of our front doors to walk at the same time in different places, creating portals from one place to another.

Digital images of our creations were exchanged via the internet, bringing other artists' doors and handles into our homes via screens. We exhibited them at the same time in our own location on walls, doors, trees, windscreens, the back of car seats, derelict buildings and pages of a virtual book. We documented our dispersed exhibitions and shared the images online.

Then the opportunity arose to present our doors and story in a physical exhibition at Watford Museum and invite others to participate in creating doors, handles and journeys together.