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Walks connecting countries


Anywhere in the world

23rd April 2022

A collaboration between different countries


For this PORTAL Walk the invitation was world-wide. 

We all took a photo as a simultaneous action during a walk from our homes.​ We walked at 5am and/or 5pm (BST).

This experiment in connecting places through walking and gesture was made possible by the enthusiastic participation of 23 people in Bulgaria, England, India, Kazakhstan, Poland, Scotland, Turkey and the USA.​

After the walks our images were paired and we imagined stepping from one place to the other. The pairings that emerged were as follows:

Ayaana and Caroline

Ceyda and Judy

Debra and Roger

Ean and Caroline 

Feyza and Sally

Gisha and Roger 

Joanna and Chris

Lalitha and Maya

Pragya and Michelle 

Pragya and Sally 

Sandy and Chris

Sarah and Diane

Sveta and Rosemary 

Svetlana and Julia 

Ayaana Bhargava_Goa, India_5.15am BST_ 9_edited.jpg

Ayaana, 9.30am, Goa, India

Ayaana am_Caroline am.jpg
Caroline - Wells, Norfolk 5.15am.jpg

Caroline, 5.00am, Norfolk, England



When I stepped into the other place, I wished I could live in the clouds and just watch the beauty of this place the whole day. I could imagine myself walking on the road, admiring the water, the greenery and the sky.

An elevated stillness of sound.

Skin hums, humidity on the rise. 

An intake of breath, shallower than before.

A sweetness to taste, not found on the last shore.

Ceyda - Istanbul _.jpg

Ceyda, Istanbul, Turkey

Judy - Bury St Edmunds, suffolk, UK 5.15am.jpeg

Judy, 5.00am, Suffolk, England



The smell of lavender and sound of laughter, off at a distance, ghosts remaining.

I imagined a walk where one came upon this space, although it may have been your back yard- and though it looked quiet and nobody was there, somehow imagined a lot of sounds not too far away.

How brilliant and funny!!

Thanks everyone!


Ceyda I Imagined waking up in your room next to a table of water bottles and glasses of water to refresh me. Imagining that it is warmer in Turkey and there may be windows open with a warm breeze blowing through the room. 

The combined pictures made me think of the words “Beam me up Scotty “ from Star Trek, and in a way though I was not physically beaming up to your room I was mentally imagining myself there! 

Debra - Portal Beach, East Coast US - noon.jpg
Debra_Roger am.jpg

Debra, 12 noon, Portal Beach , USA

Roger Kattenhorn_Watford Fields_Hertfordshire_UK_5.30am.JPG

Roger, 5.00am, Watford, England



I will confess that while I was enthusiastic about the project and the concept of juxtaposing everyday scenes from different parts of the world I didn't have great expectations of the idea of overlaying them. This example has proved me quite wrong. I am delighted with the result. Somebody has cleverly matched the horizons of the two views and artfully cropped the result to create a balanced composition.


Considering my caption for the original picture concerned; -'the geographically lowest point in my town, a sink for car pollution and the site of a petrol station built on a filled in river', -I feel that your composite picture, of a flooded site filled with the ocean from Debra's pic, could well be a photograph of the future for this area if/when the floods predicted by global warming take place.


Thank you for organising this exercise. I feel that it has captured an issue of global concern to all of us and it has put me in touch with Debra whose picture is of the ocean that connects us, as my little river eventually flows into her sea. (I do hope it is the Atlantic which will make the connection a direct one).


Your insights are quite stirring. Sometimes I look out at the ocean (the land on which our building sits is 12 feet above sea level) and I think: hmmm, one day the waves might be creeping up to our lobby . . . and you had the same thought about your motorway being flooded. I also share your admiration of the cropping and the positioning in the merged version of our photos. This team knows what it is doing! 

But what I love the best is both of us looking at the world, intently, at the same time. 

It's so good to feel the connection.

Ean - Indiana - 11.15am.jpg
Ean_Caroline pm.jpg

Ean, 11.00am, USA

Caroline  - Wells, Norfolk  5.15pm.jpg

Caroline, 5.00pm, Norfolk, England



Relief. Resolve. Security awaits behind this cherry red welcome and panelled protection.

Feyza - St Louis, USA. 11.15am.jpg

Feyza, 11.00am, St. Louis, USA

Feyza_Sally pm.jpg
Sally- Knapwell - 5.15pm.jpg

Sally 5.00pm, Knapwell, England



A child’s playground shapes the path of her dreams…yesterday, today and tomorrow…pieces mystically quilted together through time.

Plus a line from a Whitney Houston song, “The Greatest Love of All”…

I believe the children are our future

Teach them well and let them lead the way…


The soft grassy arrow becomes more defined and definite. It tells me to follow the path into the unknown. I want to walk around the bend to see what is beyond the photograph. 


Gisha, 10.00am, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Roger Kattenhorn_Watford Fields_Hertfordshire_UK_5.30pm.JPG

Roger, 5.00pm, Watford, England



Business or work. It's like I went to work after a weekend break. The fence is common to both photographs, only in the first photo behind the fence you can run, play football and lie on the grass, and in the second photo behind the fence the work is waiting for you :)

Joanna _Zomkowy Square_Castle_Warsaw_Poland_5.15pm BST_ 6.15pm CET_.jpeg

Joanna, 6.00pm, Warsaw, Poland

Joanna_Chris (am).jpg
chris- St. Ives, Cambs - 5.15am.jpg

Chris, 5.00am, St. Ives, England





From solitude to life.

Lalitha - Bellevue, WA , USA 11.15.jpg

Lalitha, 11.00am, Bellevue, USA


Maya, 10.00am, Almaty, Kazakhstan



It turned out very interesting!


My first feeling is that a picture of the same tower was taken from inside some room. I confess, I read the text after viewing the photos

I immediately began to remember the buildings nearby, and even (!) found the corner from where the picture could have been taken, but I thought maybe earlier, because I could not remember exactly this door. But they say, read more, and you made me, or rather, I amused myself when it became clear that these were two photographs!

Julia  - Herts, UK 17.15.jpg

Julia, 5.00pm, Herts, England

Svetlana - Bulgaria.jpg

Svetlana, Bulgaria



Beauty and light warmed by sunshine, bird blossoms in evergreen


I am in the Greek Church and surrounded by beautiful frescos all around the space.

Finally, I found a connection between the two places. 

I stepped over the island in 2002 and felt the constant wandering in overcoming challenges. The overall movement is essential for stillness in each small step. For me paradise is in physical, intellectual and emotional challenges. Stages are unknown as pattern of the peacock dance. However, the photograph from England moved my thinking into the flying stage. 

The two photographs placed together show the parallel world where I found the answer why I am here.

Pragya Bhargava_Goa, India_5.15am BST_ 9_edited.jpg

Pragya, 9.30am, Goa, India

Pragya am_Michelle.jpg
Michelle - St. Ives, Cambs - 5.15pm.jpeg

Michelle, 5.00pm, St Ives, England



Down the stairs and onto the wooden path, from the hot Goa sun to the pleasant spring meadows.

Sandy - Wimbledon, London 5.15pm.jpg

Sandy, 5.00pm, Wimbledon, England

Sandy_Chris pm.jpg
Chris- knapwell, cambs - 5.jpg

Chris, 5.00pm, Knapwell, England



Peaceful perambulations


When life’s pathways cross

Pragya Bhargava_Goa, India_5.15pm BST_ 9.45pm IST.heic

Pragya, 9.30pm, Goa, India

Pragya pm _Sally am.jpg
Sally - St. ives, Cambs - 5.jpg

Sally, 5.00am, St Ives, England



Time travelling


I tumble off the edge of my tarmac path into a bed of soft flowers and lush,prickly leaves

Sarah - Scotland 5.15pm.jpg

Sarah, 5.00pm, Scotland


Diane, 5.00pm, Bath, England



Grass green and sky blue. White houses blurred as striped cliffs between the earth and sky. Two seated flower figures below. Two birds stretched forward above. My eye is drawn to the sky and flight.


I stepped beyond the city into the blue light and soaring birds encourage the possibilities of now and forever


Sveta, 10am, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Rosemary - Birmingham, ~Uk 5.15pm.jpg

Rosemary, 5.00pm, Birmingham, England



Я вошла в портал и попала в параллельную  реальность, там весна, мир и покой. Там прекрасно! И дорога ведёт в будущее.


I entered the portal and got into a parallel reality, there is spring, peace and quiet. It's great there! And the road leads to the future.


Hidden corners invite exploration


United States of America and the United Kingdom

26th February 2022

A collaboration between Lalitha Bandaru and Sally Stenton


Kazakhstan and India

30th October 2021

A collaboration between Aya Hastwell and Pragya Bhargava


Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom

29th August 2021

A collaboration between Aya Hastwell and Sally Stenton

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