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We walk simultaneously in different places and are connected by the gesture of taking a photo in the same moment. The photos are transformed when overlaid and we imagine stepping from one place to the other. In a short walk from our own homes we create PORTALS connecting people and places across the globe.

The PORTAL Walks began in August 2021 and have been taking place every few months, linking different countries.

The project is a collaboration between Pragya Bhargava, Lalitha Bandaru, Aya Hastwell and Sally Stenton in association with Experimental Space Collective [esc].

Pragya pm _Sally am.jpg

Anywhere in the world

23rd April 2022

A collaboration between different countries


United States of America and the United Kingdom

26th February 2022

A collaboration between Lalitha Bandaru and Sally Stenton

5. US&UK overlay.jpg

Kazakhstan and India

30th October 2021

A collaboration between Aya Hastwell and Pragya Bhargava


Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom

29th August 2021

A collaboration between Aya Hastwell and Sally Stenton

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