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1st April - 30th April 2022


doors exhbition  2 .jpg

The exhibition is brought to you by Experimental space collective [esc]. 

In our distanced spaces we connected via the screen and created full size doors from recycled cardboard packaging, paper, fabric and shadows.  The doors became symbols for the imaginary travel between places to greet one another. Handles were created from clay suggesting the means by which we might open the doors. It became a collective group endeavour, a symbolic and tangible drive to overcome isolation…. to escape. 

The project was initiated by Ceyda Oskay in the form of an online explorative drawing workshop, and an invitation to make two sides of a door: an inside, and an outside. There was a strong impetus to connect with one another through simultaneous gestures with the body. We made physical doors in our homes and we stepped out of our front doors to walk at the same time in different places, creating portals from one place to another.

Digital images of our creations were exchanged via the internet, bringing other people’s doors and handles into our homes via our screens. We exhibited them at the same time in our own locations on our walls, doors, on trees, windscreens, the back of car seats, derelict buildings and pages of a virtual book. We documented our dispersed exhibitions and shared the images online.

Now we are pleased to present our doors and our story in a physical exhibition at Watford Museum and invite others to participate in creating doors, handles and journeys together.


As a part of the show we hosted opening performances, meet the artists, portal walk and four workshops; Doors in our Life, Space Place: Thresholds, Clayground and a Walk Through Doors. 


1st April - 30th April 

Opening Preview 1st April

Watford Museum, 

194 High St, Watford WD17 2DT


Doors in our life

Watford Museum

Saturday, 2nd April

When walking through physical doors we enter different static and movable spaces. During the art workshop, everyone was invited to work on the artwork which tells a story about their special, favourite or ordinary door.

Materials were provided for the duration of the art workshop. Painting and drawing tools, colour pencils, pastels, charcoal. Acrylics and watercolours. Rolls of wallpaper, cardboard/packaging paper. Glue and Scissors.

Works made during the workshop were displayed at the museum as part of the show.

Hosted by Svetlana Atlavina 


Space Place: Thresholds 

Free online collage and drawing workshop

Saturday, 9th April

What can we do at a threshold?

A threshold is a sill of a door that connects the two sides.

In this workshop we looked at thresholds as an edge and a beginning that connects familiar physical places to fantastical spaces of wonder and possibilities. Participants used drawing and collage techniques to create works that re-interpret thresholds using memory, images and imagination.

Hosted from India by Pragya Bhargava



Free clay workshop at Watford Museum
Saturday, 16th April

The participants were invited to have fun using clay and their imagination to create miniature doors, door handles or doorknobs. The participants were given clay to experiment freely with and create artworks in response to Between Two Doors exhibition.

Hosted by Sandy Layton 


Saturday 16th April 

Watford Museum


A walk through doors

Online experimental performative drawing workshop

Saturday, 30th April

In this workshop, participants were led through a series of imaginative journeys, related to spaces and doors... experimental prompts include mark making while "knocking" on an imaginary door, walking into the drawing space, walking through a house imagining it as the space inside your mouth...

Participants were encouraged to bring drawing / painting supplies of any kind, and a door-size drawing surface (could be found paper, packaging, cardboard boxes opened up, etc...). Collage materials or fabric was also encouraged.

Hosted from Turkey by Ceyda Oskay


Saturday, 23rd April

Anywhere in the world

People were invited to take a walk wherever they were in the world. They walked at the same time
and all paused at the same moment to take a photo of whatever was around them.

The images from different places were  paired and overlaid and people were invited to imagine stepping from one place to the other. 

This is the 4th PORTAL Walk and the first to connect lots of countries simultaneously. Images
from previous walks can be found here:

Portal Walk 1

Portal Walk 2

Portal Walk 3

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